Tuesday, August 18, 2020

NEO - The Gallery 2020

exhibition 04.-18.08.2020

---extended until 26.04.2020---

More info about NEO 2020 here.


Art Books Coffee

Baštová 6/B 81103 Bratislava

foto by Katrína Sobolčiaková

special thx to Lucia Zlochová and Rudá Sova

Supported by Slovak Arts Council.

Monday, May 11, 2020

MAROSBARAN - NEO 2019 - The White Lookbook 2020

clothing: MAROSBARAN
photography: Florian Choulet
styling: Vari Prapawong
models: Prince Heejoo, Arnes, Nicolas and Julien
superhero suit by: Parallel Life Studios
special fabric development: Shun Hiramitsu (Nagoya Art University)
leather gloves developed in collaboration with Agnelle Paris

Created at Institut Français de la Mode, Paris
Supported by Slovak Arts Council.

More info about NEO 2019 here.