Monday, September 24, 2018

MAROSBARAN - EX-GOBELINS 2018 (exhibition)





Capifrance L’Atelier
152 boulevard Voltaire
75011 PARIS

MAROSBARAN is an artist and a fashion designer from 
Slovakia, known for his signature hybrid projects, 
combining visual arts, fashion design, performance and video art.

His latest show “EX-GOBELINS” presents his carpet 
paintings series, which he created 7 years ago in Slovakia,
exhibited to the public for the very first time in Paris.

Series of 5 large scale paintings are contemporary 
rediscoveries of gobelins, popular among
aristocracy in 14th and 15th century in France.
Ex-gobelins are in contrast with original historical tapestry arts not woven but drawn and painted on industrial contemporary carpets.

Technically, the figurative motives are
neither drawings, neither paintings
and on other hand, both at the same time.

Dreaming figures, longing to be awaken,
stretch into space and wrap around the second,
the third and the fourth version of themselves,
 vibrating and confusing
the definitions and borders of the reality.

Touching and being touched.

MAROSBARAN previously presented his works in Vienna and Tuzla,
San Francisco, London, Tokyo, New York, Dubai, Hamburg, Firenze,
and Prague.

He completed MA studies from Fashion and Footwear design on 
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2016 and BA in Fine Arts from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in 2014.

He is currently studying at Institut Français de la Mode in Paris.





Capifrance L’Atelier
152 boulevard Voltaire
75011 PARIS

MAROSBARAN est un artiste et créateur de mode slovaque, reconnu pour ses projets hybrides , alliant Arts visuels, design de mode, performance et vidéo.

Sa nouvelle exposition EX-GOBELINS présente une série de 
peintures-tapis qu’il réalisa il y a 7 ans en Slovaquie et qui est exposée pour la toute première fois à Paris.

Cette série de 5 peintures grands formats est une
réinterprétation contemporaine des Gobelins, populaires dans l’aristocratie du XIVeme et XVeme siècle.

Les EX-GOBELINS sont en contraste avec les Arts historiques et
traditionnels de la tapisserie; non tissés mais dessinés et peints sur des tapis industriels contemporains.

Techniquement, les motifs figuratifs ne sont ni des dessins, ni des peintures, mais les deux à la fois. 

Personnages rêveurs, désireux d’être éveillés, 
ils s’étirent dans l’espace et enveloppent la deuxième, 
la troisième et la quatrième version d’eux-mêmes, 
vibrant et troublant 
les définitions et les frontières de la réalité.

Se touchant et étant touchés.

MAROSBARAN a présenté précédemment ses travaux  à Vienne, Tuzla, San Francisco, Londres, Tokyo, New York, Dubaï, Hambourg, Florence et Prague.

Il complète son parcours par un Master en Design de Mode et
Chaussure à l’Académie des Arts, de l’Architecture et du Design de Prague en 2016 et un Bachelor à l’Académie des Beaux Arts et du
Design de Bratislava en 2014.

MAROSBARAN étudie actuellement à l’Institut Français de la Mode.


Tuesday, September 4, 2018


L01 - The Friedrich Lookbook by Michal Králíček
L02 - The Nietzsche Lookbook by Michal Králíček
L03 - The Mourning Lookbook by Michal Králíček 

P01 - BIBLIOTHÉQUE NATIONALE DE FRANCE by Gytė Skirkaitė 2018-02-23
P02 - PHILHARMONIE DE PARIS by Gytė Skirkaitė 2018-02-24
P03 - PARC DES BUTTES CHAUMONT by Gytė Skirkaitė 2018-09-01
P04 - TROCADÉRO by Brano Gilan 2018-09-03
P05 - CHINATOWN OLYMPIADES by Gytė Skirkaitė
P06 - PAGODA PARIS by Gytė Skirkaitė

P01 - GARDEN by Michal Králíček 2016-06-06
P02 - THE FIGHTER by Létoslav Chromek 2016-06-14
P03 - THE SCIENTIST by Nat Kuz 2016-06-21
P04 - SAMURAI by Ondřej Přibyl 2016-07-12
P05 - MIRROR MAZE by Nat Kuz 2016-08-16
P06 - ANGEL by Michal Králíček 2016-08-23
P07 - LIGHT WELL by Kateřina Kabelková 2016-08-26
P08 - RED by Anežka Horová 2016-09-02
P09 - POKÉMONS by Alexander Bel 2016-09-08 
P10 - PARADISE LOST by Michal Králíček 2016-10-12
P11 - SWANS AND CHESS by Nat Kuz 2016-12-16
P12 - TWO THEATERS by Létoslav Chromek 2016-12-16
P13 - CHINA TOWN by Nat Kuz 2016-12-16

Special editorial
P-ZERO - ANTILOOKBOOK by Anežka Horová  2016-08-01

K 2015

P01 - SORCERY by Anežka Horová 2015-10-23
P02 - PALACE by Dinara Zhumazhanova + Katarína Kraus 2016-01-04
P03 - STAIRCASE by Kateřina Kabelková 2016-01-11
P04 - DRAWING ROOM by Michal Králíček 2016-01-17
P05 - BLUE by Anežka Horová 2016-01-24
P06 - ISLAND by Tomáš Gál 2016-01-31
P07 - UNTITLED (RUDOLFINUM) by Létoslav Chromek 2016-02-07


P01 - THORNS by Miroslava Večerová + Vladimíra Večerová 2015-02-15
P02 - SOIL by Miroslava Večerová + Vladimíra Večerová 2015-03-12
P03 - STRAPS by Tomáš Gál 2015-04-07
P04 - WRECK by Martin Svoboda 2015-05-15
P05 - POOL by Noortje Palmers 2015-05-23


P01 - UNTITLED by Evelyn Bencicova 2014-04-23


P01 - UNTITLED by Jakub Gulyas 2013-03-27
P02 - UNTITLED by Jakub Gulyas 2013-04-16

Thursday, August 23, 2018

AFTERMATH - The Beautiful Objects Vol.I 2018

Fourth, through aesthetic judgments, beautiful objects appear to be 'purposive without purpose' (sometimes translated as 'final without end'). An object's purpose is the concept according to which it was made (the concept of a vegetable soup in the mind of the cook, for example); an object is purposive if it appears to have such a purpose; if, in other words, it appears to have been made or designed. But it is part of the experience of beautiful objects, Kant argues, that they should affect us as if they had a purpose, although no particular purpose can be found.
Critique of Judgment (1790)

Immanuel Kant
(22 April 1724 - 12 February 1804)

More info about AFTERMATH 2018 here.