Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Disgrace 2013 - collaboration with Jakub Gulyas


„When you were smaller, next door neighbour had a dog, a golden retriever, remeber?“
„It was a male. And whenever a bitch went past, it got excited, unmanagable. And with a Pavlovian regularity, it's owner would beat it, so that at the mere smell of a bitch, the dog would run away with it's ears flat and it s tail between his legs, whinning and trying to hide.
-„I don't see a point.“
„Well, you can punish a dog for chewing a slipper, the dog can accept that. But desire is another story.
...the poor dog had begun to hate it's own nature. It no longer needed to be beaten, it punished itself. At that point, it would have been better to shoot it.“
(J.M.Coetzee – Disgrace 2008, movie)


“Disgrace” collection, HKU, Utrecht, Netherlands 2012

photography: Jakub Gulyas

dress: Maroš Baran
make-up: Jarka Vladyka
hair:Iwa Mahu Hermanova
model: Denisa/H - Heriett Models
fashion performance based on J.M. Coetzee´s book Disgrace, first MAROSBARAN fashion performance

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