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"At the moment you decide to live, things around you start dying."

MAROSBARAN - The Black Church 2012

To catholic church. .. with love 1/2 5. 11. 2012

5. november 2012MAROSBARAN
MAROSBARAN – The Black Church 2012
On 24.8.2012 The Human Body Exhibition came to Bratislava, Slovakia.
After one month since lauching the exhibition catholic church of Slovakia woke up and released riddiculous requests to bann it. Asking people with “good will” not to attend the show.
After another one month, I decided to release first of two videos, accidently shot in Eindhoven in Netherlands two weeks ago, expressing my opinion about “good will” of catholic church.
These kind of “stuff” are all around the globe… all the people in the universe know about them and do not care about so much as well, although by some mysterious reason, church does not realise couple of things, which are insanely obvious to some of us and uses its power to take controll of weak and old people… for how long?
Who is exhibiting who?

INTERBIFEP International Biennial of Portrait, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"Dear Maroš Baran, 

We are pleased to inform you that you were selected by the selection committee of the XV INTERBIFEP.

Selected works are :
- How Is Your Work 2011
- D.H.2011
- Sergio 2011

Works shall arrive at the Gallery before 30 July 2013 (it takes at least 20 days to arrive to Bosnia and Herzegovina depending on the country where you are sending from)."

Međunarodna galerija portreta
2. tuzlanske brigade 13
75000 Tuzla, Bosna i Hercegovina

17. September - 2. November 2013


(drawing, charcoal)



Since its foundation in 1980, the International Biennial Festival of drawings and graphics - INTERBIFEP Tuzla has represented one of the most important and significant international art event in ex-Yugoslavia. The reason is not only because in the former community there were not many international exhibitions of that rank (except Ljubljana Graphics and Rijeka Graphics Biennial being two of the oldest events of that kind in the world) but also because of the conscientious approach in the organization as well as in the carrying out of this exhibition. Graphics and drawings as means of expression and techniques, as well as portraiture chosen as the first and unique topic, have promised results from the beginning which proved later to be successful.
One should appreciate the fact that this exhibition not only stopped in Tuzla, returning the works to their authors after closing. Indeed a number of works remained there as lasting heritage, thanks to the awards scheme (purchase awards) and the artists who made donations.

Today the International Portrait Gallery can be proud of counting in its collection such worldwide- known names of graphic and drawing artists as Safet Zec, Petar Omčikus, Jiri Anderle, Matos Cardoso Jose, Adam Urbanik, Istvan Geller, Yuji Hiratsuka, Dan Mihaltianu, Ivan Kožarić, Dubravka Babić, Vladimir Makuc, Mersad Berber... to mention just some of them, without purpose to disparage the others.

The traditional Biennial Festival of portrait – drawings and graphics INTERBIFEP will go on thriving so that this valuable collection will continue developing in the future.


Arts of Fashion Competition 2013, San Francisco

Academy of Fine Arts and Design - Slovakia
AOF, San Francisco, USA

"Resilience" as a "Violent Desire" 2013 - "You kill the thing you love." (Francis Bacon quoting Oscar Wilde, Francis Bacon's Arena).
Resilience as an animal force, sexual energy, violent desire are themes,which Maros Baran has always found fascinating and full of inspiration. So he decided to work with them on this collection. Swan as a virginal animal. Sacred, once "raped" by an eagle turned itself into a black daemon, disguised Zeus making love to Leda. Cursed love leading to transcendental source,human beings born from eggs. 

foto: Jakub Gulyas

The 12th annual Fashion Rendez-Vous, developed around an intensive one-day schedule, took place in the downtown of San Francisco, at the beautiful Bently Reserve, on October 24, 2013. Starting with Lectures during the morning with Jonathan Cheung - Head of Design at Levi Strauss & Co, Beatrice Pang - Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer at, Mary Kawenski - Professor of Apparel Design at Rhode Island School of Design and Fred Dennis - Senior Curator of Costume at the Museum of FIT, the event culminated with a fantastic Fashion Show presenting 50 emerging talents from around the world with tremendous potential.
A professional jury including Jacques Pantazes - Chief Merchandising Officer at, Matthias de Vogel - Womenswear Designer at Levi Strauss & Co and Matt Dick - Creative Director at Small Trade Company awarded 7 students for their exceptional creative work and vision around the theme of the year 2013: Resilience.
Press coverage by the San Francisco Chronicle - Nov. 22, 2013 - LINK
Thanks to the guests and jurors! Congratulation to all selected student designers - Credit photo for the awarded students below - N. Ardelean

QinwenWeiBeijing Institute of Fashion TechnologyChina
ErsalinaLimIstituto MarangoniUK
Ana RalucaManditaNational University of Arts BucharestRomania
Joaquim EdgarMartins CorreiaEscola Sup. das Artes Aplicadas Castelo BrancoPortugal
TerezaSvolikovaUniv. of West Bohemia - Inst. of Art & DesignCzech Republic
Seon RimLeeDongseo UniversitySouth Korea
Man Yee ChanNottingham Trent University UK
Miguel AngelLeon MoyanoColombiana ColegiaturaColombia
Doo SungLeeSamsung Art & Design InstituteSouth Korea
AllaSirbuWest University of TimisoaraRomania
You Jin KimSamsung Art & Design InstituteSouth Korea
MonikaLepschyUniv of West Bohemia - Inst. of Art & Design Czech Republic
MarianaVanegas MarquezColombiana ColegiaturaColombia
YafanChenRome Academy of Fine ArtItaly
Jee EunKimSamsung Art and Design InstituteSouth Korea
Aileen Hui NanLeeHong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHong Kong 
RaquelDe Carvalho NovaisSanta Marcelina College of ArtsBrazil
WeilinHuangWuhan Textile UniversityChina
Pui ChiChowHong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHong Kong 
Seo YoungYeoSamsung Art & Design InstituteSouth Korea
LiYangBeijing Institute of Fashion TechnologyChina
Min KyungJungFashion Institute of TechnologyUSA
RobertaPotockaUniv. of West Bohemia - Inst. of Art & Design Czech Republic
MariaKorkeilaLahti University - Inst. of Design and Fine ArtsFinland
SamanthaDe La FuenteMiami International University of Art & DesignUSA
BethanyMikellAcademy of Art UniversityUSA
RuiLiuBeijing Institute of Fashion TechnologyChina
Eun Sol JungSamsung Art & Design InstituteSouth Korea
BrendanSmithMelbourne School of FashionAustralia
Ka YingChuiNottingham Trent University UK
MiaoWangBeijing Institute of Fashion TechnologyChina
LiuChenWuhan Textile UniversityChina
WenqiChengIstituto Carlo SecoliItaly
LongChenWuhan Textile UniversityChina
TaruNieminenLahti University - Inst. of Design and Fine ArtsFinland
Siew JinTewLimkokwing University of Creative Technology Malaysia
Oana AlexandraCucuWest University of TimisoaraRomania
Ji AeBangSamsung Art and Design InstituteSouth Korea
Se YoungEumSamsung Art and Design InstituteSouth Korea
Hye Rin KangSamsung Art and Design InstituteSouth Korea
XueGaoBeijing Institute of Fashion TechnologyChina
Francesca AliciaPowleslandUniversity of the West of EnglandUK
AmandaJamesParsons The New School for DesignUSA
Kyeong YunBackSamsung Art and Design InstituteSouth Korea
Ji HaeKimSamsung Art and Design InstituteSouth Korea
YinYeWhitehouse Institute of DesignAustralia
SomKongRyerson Polytechnic UniversityCanada
So YonLeeSamsung Art and Design InstituteSouth Korea
Mook AttakanwongUniversity of Technology SydneyAustralia 
Suqin Chen Beijing Institute of Fashion TechnologyChina
SergheiYaceninNational University of Arts BucharestRomania
Hye SeonYooSamsung Art & Design InstituteSouth Korea
Jin HeeShinParsons The New School for DesignUSA
MarosBaranAcademy of Fine Arts & DesignSlovakia
Ka YeeChanFashion Institute of TechnologyUSA
KatePineWizo Design AcademyIsrael
Diego OmarGonzales PinoUniversidad de PalermoArgentina

The Arts of Fashion Foundation is a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3), public, non-profit organization, linking both academics and professionals alike and is dedicated in fostering international cultural exchange through the creation of a variety of educational programs meant to facilitate critical thinking and advance the field of fashion among artists, designers, scholars and students.The primary focus of the foundation is the continuous support of creativity and design process in fashion and the arts linked to it.

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Man With The Hanging Tongue 2013

Everybody was wet around me.

It had been raining for three hours and I was not sure of my way.

I did not know what the sign on the window meant, but I knew that three hairdressers, three mirrors and three customers that I saw was something that all together meant “Hairdresser's“.

Finally! The only thing what I wanted to hear that day was a sound of shaving machine. ´ Everything will be gone, just like my sins,´ I though and turned doorknob.

My body winced back when I noticed man gazing back at me from the other side of the glass. His tongue was hanging outside of his mouth and his eyes clearly said that he was suffering from mental illness.

Eyes... sad eyes, I realized.

I walked along three Edwards Scissorhands and sat on the green couch at back of the room. Only scissors and roaring of lion from TV were breaking silence in the room. Scissors were cutting air and lion was not real.

´Lion, lion, you look so weak in that box,´ I thought... The King?

A sudden movement in the retarded man´s hands broke my meditation. It was some kind of dance of man with the hanging tongue and the hairdressers. He moved with the broom so gently and I did not have time to notice, when all the hair from the floor disappeared.

As my hair started falling down, looking at my reflexion in the mirror I envied the man with the hanging tongue. Although he had a horrible life, he succeeded to find his place in his life where he fits perfectly. He succeeded in which many of us fail.

I would teach everybody to open their eyes so everybody could find their own broom.
Door opened and somebody entered. 

He was dry. 

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Monday, November 11, 2013

THOUGHT MACHINES 2013 (The Silver Lake in Vienna)

In November 2013 I am honored to be part of the exhibition THOUGHT MACHINES, organized by University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig and Royal College of Art in London.

   I am exhibiting my latest work which has a great importance for me as an artist and as a human being -
  The Silver Lake 2013


Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia

Maroš Baran, printmaking studio – Mr. R. Jančovič

     In February 2013 I have lost the most important person in my life. Violence of life strucked me 

to the core. In my mourning days I realized that the greatest thinking machine, above all art and life is 

Death itself. I cursed Death for many days, many weeks... but then I realized, that although my friend 

is not with me anymore physically, he is in my heart. Something, I used to read so much times in the 

books, but never really believed in it. Now I do.

     Death is always there, but love and hope as well. Below the surface animal skulls are lying, 

overgrown by flowers which never wilts. Shinning from below, showing beauty only after you begin „to 

care“. Without your outlaid power , it is just a fake water. 

     One shall find peace and silence, while looking for answers within questions, which have been 




Begrüßung : Gerald Bast, Rektor der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
Zur Ausstellung: Jan Svenungsson, Leiter der Abteilung für Grafik und Druckgrafik
20. November 2013, 19:00
21. November 2013 - 13. Dezember 2013
Ausstellungszentrum Heiligenkreuzer Hof, Grashofgasse 3 oder Schönlaterngasse 5, 1010 Wien
What is a Thought Machine?
What does it have to do with printmaking?
Can prints be machines for thought?
What role do machines play in artistic creation?

Die Ausstellung THOUGHT MACHINES (Denkmaschinen) zeigt experimentelle Arbeiten junger KünstlerInnen der Angewandten, der Ungarischen Universität der bildenden Künste in Budapest, der Akademie für bildende Kunst und Design in Bratislava, der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig und dem Royal College of Art in London.

Jeremias Altmann / Hadas Auerbach / Maroš Baran / Weixin Chong / Renata Darabant / Maike Denker / Adrienn Dér / Benjamin Dittrich / Bartosz Dolhun / Jasmin Edelbrunner / Soňa Flajžíková / Péter Gallov / Alice Gauthier / Simon Goritschnig / Holly Graham / Julian Irlinger / Patrícia Jagicza / Lisa Lee / Jakub Lobotka / Kata Moravszki / Xenia Ostrovskaya / Hans-Jörg Pochmann / Philip Poppek / Meg Rahaim / Robert Schwark / James Cheen Fuen Seow / Lídia Takács / Pavol Truben / Péter Üveges / Réka Vidra / Sharon Whyte / Susan Winter

Katrin von Maltzahn, Leipzig:
In THOUGHT MACHINES students from five different schools and at least five different cultures are reflecting upon contemporary questions in the context of art.
The project itself is a tool for networking and for promoting continuing discussion.

Tibor Somorjai Kiss, Budapest:
The THOUGHT MACHINES project provides an opportunity for visual thinking that points beyond the boundaries of traditional graphics and facilitates the analysis of the printmaking process.

Joanna Stockham, London:
The opportunity for our students to take part in this collaborative exhibition presents a valuable learning situation, allowing them to see their work in an international context and understand differences and connections in approach both educationally and artistically.
Although our student body is already very international, the experience of thinking about how to transport your work and reassemble it in another place, and about how it functions outside the assumptions and habits of your homeland, is always challenging and stimulating.

Róbert Jančovič, Bratislava:
An idea is usually generated by some instrument. Subsequently the idea determines the means of its expression. I believe that the most powerful instrument, in this case, is the human brain. It is one of the most remarkable, the most complicated, interesting and intriguing instruments. This phenomenon provides us unlimited space. The advantages of this instrument can be used very well, but they also can be abused, and this freedom of choice is something that makes the project very interesting.
Speaking about the brain, we can draw an analogy to the universe, and thus it is possible to consider terms like infinity, mathematical accuracy, unexplainable, unpredictable, magical, etc. All these aspects can be part of this instrument, part of our essential being, without necessarily limiting the system. This project gives rise to Thought Machines, which in my opinion are utterly intriguing.

Jan Svenungsson, Vienna:
With this exhibition we wanted to create an interface and a platform for students, where they can try out new ideas and develop their art. The project is powered by the fact that all those involved, both the students and their teachers, share a love for and an involvement in the practice of printmaking. Thanks to Katrin von Maltzahn, who came up with such a great name for this project, we may have started a process, it seems to me, which hasn't just given birth to an exciting exhibition, but which may stake claims to new intellectual territory as well.

Zur Ausstellung erscheint ein Katalog:

Jan Svenungsson, ed.