Monday, December 9, 2013

Man With The Hanging Tongue 2013

Everybody was wet around me.

It had been raining for three hours and I was not sure of my way.

I did not know what the sign on the window meant, but I knew that three hairdressers, three mirrors and three customers that I saw was something that all together meant “Hairdresser's“.

Finally! The only thing what I wanted to hear that day was a sound of shaving machine. ´ Everything will be gone, just like my sins,´ I though and turned doorknob.

My body winced back when I noticed man gazing back at me from the other side of the glass. His tongue was hanging outside of his mouth and his eyes clearly said that he was suffering from mental illness.

Eyes... sad eyes, I realized.

I walked along three Edwards Scissorhands and sat on the green couch at back of the room. Only scissors and roaring of lion from TV were breaking silence in the room. Scissors were cutting air and lion was not real.

´Lion, lion, you look so weak in that box,´ I thought... The King?

A sudden movement in the retarded man´s hands broke my meditation. It was some kind of dance of man with the hanging tongue and the hairdressers. He moved with the broom so gently and I did not have time to notice, when all the hair from the floor disappeared.

As my hair started falling down, looking at my reflexion in the mirror I envied the man with the hanging tongue. Although he had a horrible life, he succeeded to find his place in his life where he fits perfectly. He succeeded in which many of us fail.

I would teach everybody to open their eyes so everybody could find their own broom.
Door opened and somebody entered. 

He was dry. 

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