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The most important thing in the world or R.I.P. dinosaurs

Hey people,
are u still alive? I decided to share my the most ultimate first essssay from HKU for Mr. Wim. The deal was - What is fashion and when fashion really began?
... don t know if he liked it or not so much... hope u will, althought it s kind of easy going "essay"... 
Don t eat old cheessseee...


The most important thing in the world or R.I.P. dinosaurs
(18.9.2012, Maroš Baran)

What is fashion , what is not fashion? What fashion wished to be and what wish to be fashion? And... does it really matter?
                Since we discovered that we are naked, if as Bible or old testaments do say, are right, there was a question if it was more fashionable to have a maple leaf or a leaf of abele... If something fits more, suits better,  looks better or it just better is. Also if it is just easier to get... as far running before dinosaurs was probably more sirious stuff than being fashionable... However, R.I.P. dinosaurs, welcome chickens and  overprized fashion.
                I believe that we can talk about fashion when the mankind really started to use their brain. Trying to gain better and better life, with living, housing, clothing... As Vivien said: „You have a much better life if you wear impressive clothes“ (1). Since using brain is not so painfull and expensive, why not to make life as great as possible?
                „Fashion is not something that exist only in clothes. Fashion is in the air. It has something to do with ideas, with the way in which we live, with what happens around us.“ (2)
                Fashion as an organism, which live in our mind, an animal, which has a visible roots but invisible and undescribable flowers. Everybody just feels the scent, that it really is and it really exists and it is strong, touching everybody, if he/she wants or not. Rooted in our minds or maybe in our hearts, if it is not the same thing of course, we do care, even some of us still try to pretend to be dinosaurs...
                As a beauty, with which fashion always work, can not be described universally, as everybody feels different. We got a sence what beauty is, but can we really be sure that our beauty is the real one? Probably not so much, but we can survive this unconscionability, sometimes very sweet one. Maybe that is the reason, why it is so attractive. There is nothing worse, than boredom... And being right in something contains always surtain sand seed of it if we want or not.
                We can only guess... nothing more.
                To have our own personal opinion.
                Our taste.
                Our story.
                Nothing more.
                Nothing less..
                „ A beautiful flower does not exist. There is only a moment when a flower looks beautiful.“ (3)

                What more than a moment we got? What more than a moment could fashion give us? Fragile, maybe naive, but sometimes independent, strong and even hungry for war.
                „ is an ambiguous mix between life and death...“ (4)
                Trying to find our own path throught this battlefield, when roses have thorns and princesses are bold, sky is red and ocean reflects as a mirror, time, when nothing is sure... with these emotions in the heart , making it visual in clothes, that is fashion for me.
                „I have learned that I can destroy a dress beautifully.“ (9)
                Way of communication, way of expression, way of revelation and defeating the blindness. Not making everything clear, immortal or beautifull, but just trying to find a deep forest in which you can find a friend. Maybe lover, maybe liar. Does not matter. Just somebody who is alive with the brain willing to use it with a little sence for emotion.
                Connecting with the forest, we will reflect surroundings, filling the gap in the world.
                „Because the fashion is so indicative of the political and social climate in which we live, what we wear will always be a symptom of our enviroment.“ (5)
                Of course, everybody does fill the gap. However, how, that is what really matter. To find our own way of dealing with ordinary things remaking them into something magical with a sence of immortality, using in replacing the leaves, that is fashion, which matters. For me, at least.
                „Six months ago that didn t exist, now it does exist. Nobody ever walked the planet wearing this before.“ (6)
                It is a gift, which is extraordinary as a human being itself, to be able to make something, which did not exist before, anywhere in the entire world.  Somebody can do it better, somebody worse. But we try, that matters.
                „Designing is like a writing a book: the words come out fluidly but to put them in the right context is not always that easy.“ (10)
                Fashion is something which we included in our lives, because we decided not to be animals or to try to pretend not to be anymore as much as possible. Even there is also fashion for the animals, of course...
                Cover the body with something innovative, something full, something real, even it is artificial and fake, believing in it makes it real, at least for us, if the whole world, do not really care... I fit does, great, but as far as I know, does not really matter...
                „I am not really interested in fashion.“ (7)
                „Everything that needs an explanation or description is not worth it.“ (8)

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