Friday, January 11, 2013

To catholic church. .. with love 1/2 5. 11. 2012

MAROSBARAN – The Black Church 2012
On 24.8.2012 The Human Body Exhibition came to Bratislava, Slovakia.
After one month since lauching the exhibition catholic church of Slovakia woke up and released riddiculous requests to bann it. Asking people with “good will” not to attend the show.
After another one month, I decided to release first of two videos, accidently shot in Eindhoven in Netherlands two weeks ago, expressing my opinion about “good will” of catholic church.
These kind of “stuff” are all around the globe… all the people in the universe know about them and do not care about so much as well, although by some mysterious reason, church does not realise couple of things, which are insanely obvious to some of us and uses its power to take controll of weak and old people… for how long?

Who is exhibiting who? 


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